KTP 40.30 CNC

CNC turret punching machine. Closed bow shape for extreme rigidity

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Possible repositioning of clamps
Automatic referencing of sheet and clamps
Quick tool change in the shortest path - for better machine performance and productivity

The CNC system controls four axes:
X an Y axes for material movement
T-axis for punch head rotation
С-axis for tool change

Standard configuration:
4-axis CNC FANUC Oi-PC control with FANUC servo-drives
Closed frame construction in steel manufactured for optimum rigidity
Hydraulic system from H & L Hydraulics Ltd.
Photocell safety system
Ball screws and linear guides from THK
MATE XT tool system
Metalix CAD / CAM software
Automatic repositioning system at larger sheets
32-station tool changer: A Size - 10 pcs, Size B - 16 pcs, size C - 2 pcs, D size - 4 pieces (2 of them indexed)

Optional configuration:
Additional clamp attachments
Tool systems
Tool adapters
Additional D stations

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