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In our new catalog you will find everything you need whether high or low volume, precision or heavy cutting. Be sure to see, our new series of ultra-precision turning and milling. If you don’t find the right machine or size for your application, we can help! Just give us a call: 0040 745.754.399

There are good and bad manufacturers of machine tools. We know them all and always decide only for the best! Companies with modern production facilities and high quality standards. We don`t select these companies over the phone, we do it with on-site visits. After checking the construction, production facility and quality standards, only then do we decide to take a machine into our range - we vouch for the quality.

Price/ value ratio
Like many other machine tools manufacturers we also source parts and machines from Asia, beside our European partners. The price advantage we are forwarding to our customers. The result: an excellent price/ value ratio for all our products and steadily growing market share.

Technical consulting
Also a good machine is not always the right one. That`s why we talk with our customers – about the application, material, machining cycles and possible automation. After that we give our recommendation –for a machine, which is in function and performance suitable for the requirements of our customer. If you would like, we will calculate machining time and cut test parts.

If there is a bad service, a cheap machine can become expensive. The costs: inaccurate parts, down time and angry customers. At MSR Serv Solutions we have a clear service concept: Within 48 hours after notifications of a problem, we will have a service technician at your facility. Guaranteed. Anywhere in the EU. ForRomania service will normally arrive within 24 hours. Additionally we push our suppliers into shipping spare parts within 48 hours. We are always pleased to provide installation and start-up of your machine. And if you still need more support we custom-tailor training courses and long term service contracts.

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